Tuesday, December 25, 2007


by James Travers-Murison

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G------- D--------------- C------------D

Love is everywhere, that’s what I believe

G-------D -------C----------D

Allah, Buddha, Krisna, Jesus Christ

C----- D -----------G-------- E-

They all ask me, ‘Do you love me true?’


And I say, ‘Yes you are wonderful to me.’

D------ C-------D---------C


D----- C --------D

I feel wonderful because

G ---------------------- E-

I see the love light in your eyes

C--------- D

And the wonder of it all

C ----------------D

Is that you just don’t realise


How much I love you.

G --------D--------C-------------D

So don’t despair, cause love is everywhere.

G----- D--------- C -------D

Allah, Buddha, Krisna, Jesus Christ

C-------D------ G --------E-

I all ask them, ‘Do you love me true?’

C--------------- D------------ G

And they say, ‘Yes, you are wonderful to me.’

D ---------- C--- D -----------C

G----- D --------C---------D

Allah, Buddha, Krisna, Jesus Christ,

C------D -----------G-------------E-

We all ask them, ‘Do you love us true?’

C--------------- D ----------------G

And they say, ‘Yes, even if you do not love us too.’

C ---D----- G -----E- --------C ------D

So never despair because love is everywhere.

(with thanks to Eric Clapton; Wonderful Tonight 1977)